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"Loved this blog! As a single man in my thirties this really touched me, it's what I am going through myself, thank you Ms.Nesbitt, look forward to reading more of you." - M.S.

"Paige I love you and your blog. Just as I am having dinner w/ high school ex tonight, college ex in town next week and contimplating exclusivity w/ current appear with this blog. Cheers to singlehood and to you!" - C.

"I finally had a chance to enjoy this- it made me reflect upon my own “lay over” situation of post divorce. Should I move closer to family or not move? Should I buy a house or continue to rent? Should I seek out a new partner or not? And in a blink of an eye, three years have flown by and I realize that sitting at Chilis on an extended layover is not serving me well. So, as a first step I am buying a home. Please tell Paige thank you for the reminder." - K.

"I read your article because my sister thinks I need to learn how to treat women and all I can say is what is Gavin thinking? You are smart and more importantly, hot." - O.

"Location, location, location is the most important variable In real-estate. In relationships, it is timing, timing, timing. Beautiful child, this old Shadkhan has brokered more than condos and knows that the best way to keep The man when he comes along, while keeping your obvious enthusiasm, and your entertaining sense of humor is to develop a bit of mystery, to maintain a bit of wonder, an abundance of faith, abundance and an abundance of passion. Shalom" - H

"As a young widow of nine years, your blog post hit home. Even though I have created a life I finally love again, I often land in similar conversations. I understand people who care about me want me to be happy...but between my salsa dancing, the successful launch of my transitions & grief recovery coaching business and my amazing network of incredible people, I AM happy. There is no missing thank you for beautifully articulating about the always caring, sometimes humorous, perhaps every so often slightly annoying view by others that we need a partner to be living a whole life! Great job!" - C.B.T.

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